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Welcome to Illustrators Place

Illustrator's Place - a home for the professional book illustrator. We work closely with our clients, giving your book an individually crafted and unique look. The fusion of our illustration and your writing will create a very marketable product. We provide a choice of ideas and an almost unlimited array of working materials to choose from including gouache, acrylics, watercolour, charcoal, oils, pastels, airbrush, coloured pencil and inks. For the client there will be no need to look any further, just contact us at Illustrator's Place and we will do the rest.  


The Kill

Our design studio has been set up giving our clients a full choice of different types of working media.Whether your book is fiction or non-fiction, childrens, adults, romance, horror, suspence, thriller or crime, it doesn't matter.  Maybe you have a suggestion of your own, either way we will be able to work together with those ideas to eventually bring your book to life, and probably most important of all, help to sell it in vast quantities! Illustration brings unique ideas, spontaneity, freshness and of course the final result becomes the core of the product.

Wimbourne Framed

The illustration is an asset that together with a well written book, will make a beautifully completed creative product, and probably most importantly of all, will always be in demand within the fantastic world of book sales and marketing. Once you as a writer have a good idea of exactly what type of artwork you require, we can then begin. Of course you will be kept up to date on the working progress, from the starting sketches to the finished art work, to us this is most important, as you more than anyone else need to see the formation of what will become your desired end product.


Indian Tiger

The latest Children's novel from Steve Keeping
the_great_world_adventures.png the_flyer_cover.jpg  Book One ‘The Flyer’ is Born

This is the first in a series of exciting new children’s adventure novels by author Steve Keeping. The main character ‘Chubbly’ a short slightly overweight thirteen year old intellectual schoolboy. His face was rounded, covered with youthful freckles, and he had the brightest of blue eyes; always curious and seeking out the next adrenaline-surge. His complexion was fair and his red hair almost exactly matched the colour of his favourite flying suit. A boy  absolutely in  love and obsessed with aeroplanes. The story starts with Chubbly having an almost real and absolutely fantastic dream as a result of eating too much of his grandad’s homemade goats cheese!

This children’s paperback is a breath of fresh air, and will undoubtedly become a number one best seller in bookshops throughout the United Kingdom.  

 Charles Stanton, children’s literary critic.

Book Two   'A Hunch in Paris'

hipcover.jpgChubbly launches the Flyer into the clear pastel blue London skies turning due east, to begin his new adventure in the most dark and mysterious gothic parts of the city of Paris France. There he makes friends with two young French children Clauden and Esmerela, both distant relatives of people who today still play a most important part in French history.
Clauden  is related to Claude Frollo the Archdeacon of the great Cathedral of Notre Dame, who unfortunately met his demise falling to the ground when pushed from the great heights of the cathedral by Quasimodo the hunchback. He was a hideously deformed creature and the cathedrals deaf bell ringer, who is said to have existed back in the year 1482, left abandoned as a baby and adopted by Frollo.
Esmerela is distantly related to Esmeralda the beautiful young barefooted Gypsy dancer and magical entertainer. Once loved by all of the people, and became hated when they started to think that she was in fact a witch. Both Clauden and Esmerela believe that the Hunchback still exists. Chubbly joins them on a magical adventure somewhere dangerously deep, dark, cold, and smelly in a huge maze of dungeons hidden deep down below the Cathedral of Notre Dame.

Your very own Ideas brought to life

                            yourideas-med.png             Once you as a writer have agood idea of exactly what type of artwork you require, (maybe even something that you already have in mind that can be adapted to suite your own taste), we can then begin. Of course you will be kept up to date on the working progress, from the starting sketches to the finished art work, to us this is most important, as you more than anyone else need to see the formation of what will become your desired end product.

We would like to offer our professional Design & Illustration services to all types of writers out there, whether new and just starting out in the business or successful and previously published, young or mature, fiction or non-fiction, it doesn’t matter, what does matter, and is of utmost importance to us, is a very personal service, and final artwork that is just as you wanted it.

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